keyboard Minor in Professional Writing

The Minor in Professional Writing, which is designed to supplement any undergraduate major, will

  • prepare you to address the various kinds of writing needed in today's digital-age workplace,
  • help you gain meaningful hands-on workplace experience,
  • Add valuable credentials to your résumé as you complete coursework and an internship with a local business or non-profit organization.

After you have completed 9 hours of the writing minor's coursework, including CSTW 4150, you may submit a formal application, your résumé, and a writing portfolio for admission to the capstone of our program, the Professional Writing internship.

The internship coordinator, Susan Delagrange, will work with you and the Office of Career Services to place you with one of our workplace partners in a business related to your prospective field or career. You will work with writing professionals for 6-8 hours a week at a Mansfield-area business, government agency, academic unit, or nonprofit organization during a regular academic semester at Ohio State. You will also attend an internship class (CSTW 4191) for 1 hr., 20 min. each week, earning 3 hours of course credit.

A note about semester conversion: We promise to work with you to ensure that the quarter-to-semester conversion does not disrupt your progress toward completion of the Professional Writing Minor. We will craft our courses and electives so that changes to the calendar and to the courses involved will not affect the quality of our program.

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